Born in Chicago to parents Paul and Lilliana Bellos, Andre was the middle child out of five. Being brought up in a blended family, being of half Greek and half Salvadorian decent was different for most. Theater was in his blood, leading him to express his interest in acting to his mother, by age thirteen he was enrolled in Barbizon. A modeling school and a great opportunity at that age and after graduating, it was over. There were no job opportunities for a child in the Chicago land area at that time. One year later and now growing up in Des Plaines, IL Andre began high school, graduating from Maine West in 2005. He spent 4 years taking singing, dancing, and acting lessons at school; this only further encouraged his passion and helped perfect his craft. After graduating he enrolled in college, but Andre had his sights set on something else. The next decade would be the reality of becoming an adult and juggling school and odd jobs at the same time. This frustration only fueled his ambitions and in 2009 he signed a digital distribution deal with Nimbit music.

By age 23 Andre Bellos had become a triple threat and broke through the challenge of standing out amongst the crowd as the newest Chicago singing sensation. On July 4th, of 2013 Andre Bellos released his highly anticipated official debut album “Mythology”. This was the graduation to another level of artistry; the album was independently released and includes 7 original compositions and 2 unreleased tracks. Mythology produced a few hits including EXPLODE, but by far the biggest single was “Otra Vez” (Tried again) which was the first Spanish unreleased single from this crossover artist. The song hit the top ten w/in 7 days on local pop charts for Chicago. This has never been done by an artist w/o a record deal, Andre Bellos made internet history, cementing his position and Mythology re-loaded in 2015.

Expansion for this brand was inevitable, after some success in the local music scene Andre moved on to acting. Starting out as a background artist and moving up from there, modeling soon followed. Print ad campaigns and magazine covers really helped grow the #TeamAndreB movement. Team Andre B. our fans that make every moment so special and every difficult time worth it. It was initially produced by friends and family, along with social media it took on a personality of its own. There are Team Andre B. groups in almost all 50 states in the U.S. and growing internationally. Andre has been presented with the first couple awards of his music and acting career. On behalf of Tru-Biz magazine and the Greek film festival of Chicago they presented him with the Best R&B/Latino singer and film award. Amidst all the success he never thought he would be able to include all his talents in one program.

Now Andre can be seen on Fox's hit show Empire, meshing music, acting, and fashion. He garnered cameos in the controversial Spike Lee joint "Chi-raq" and the Ron Howard film "The Dilemma", just to name a couple projects. As an adult it comes full circle, Andre now is the official male spokes model for Barbizon USA. The same company that introduced him into the business two decades earlier now takes him all over the country, telling his story of industry success to other aspiring models. The possibilities are endless for this dancer turned all around entertainer. He is on a hit TV show and back with the company that started it all. Mr. Bellos is represented by Babes'n'Beaus Model/Talent agency. (Illinois/Georgia).