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Andre Bellos is a rising star on his way to fame in the acting industry, having a stellar portfolio in television and cinema, as well as modeling!    


Saying you are surprised by his success would be an understatement. Hailing from humble beginnings, many wonder how he went from an average Joe to a full-blown superstar. To learn more about the new kid on the block in Hollywood and his rise to the top, you must first begin with his past.    


Born in Chicago to immigrant parents, Andre was the middle child out of five. Being brought up in a blended family, of half Greek and half Salvadoran descent, theatre was in his blood.    


By age thirteen, he was enrolled in modeling and public school at the same time. Graduating from modeling school 15 weeks later, he spent the next 3 years taking singing, dancing, and acting lessons. His high school journey began in 2001. He was enrolled in choir and drama class, amongst other classes, and graduated in 2005.    


Once in college, he formed a group quartet with his friends, singing and dancing to popular music at local events. This only encouraged his passion and helped perfect his craft, but after only one year, the group went their separate ways.      


In 2007, Andre dropped out of college to pursue his dreams full time; he had his sights set on something bigger. He worked odd jobs for about two years before starting out as a background artist in Illinois. 2010 was a time where film and TV projects began to move from LA to Chicago, which gave a lot of undiscovered talent a chance to thrive in a difficult field.      


Andre eventually earned his Screen Actors Guild card because of numerous television appearances he accumulated over the years. He has been seen in primetime shows such as, Empire, Shameless, and Chicago Med. He has also worked on a few major motion pictures like The Dilemma, Chi-raq, and Captive State, just to name a few. Social media became an extremely important tool in growing his fan base.    


The hashtag #TeamAndreB Movement really helped grow his career and propel him to new heights. This catapulted him in a category with other respected influencers and public figures of the world. It was initially something produced by friends and family, but along with social media, it took on a life of its own. There are Team Andre B. groups in almost all 50 states in the U.S. and growing internationally. His breakout-acting role comes as state attorney investigator Billy Coburn on Dick Wolf’s NBC drama Chicago Justice.    


In 2017, he established his independent initiative called ‘Do The Right Thing’. This involved him spending his free time traveling state-to-state, shedding light on different non-for-profit organizations.      


Outside of his activism work, he has launched an accessory line called Altered Mood and a merch line called The Cool Kids. He has participated in a national fashion campaign with Giorgio Armani and has graced the pages of Vogue, People magazine and Entertainment Weekly.        


Daytime television has been a playground of learning and a plethora of knowledge for this rising star. It has helped mold him into a full-blown TV personality, on and off the screen. The Steve Harvey Show, Wendy Williams, and the Nick Cannon Show are just some of the places you may have seen Mr. Bellos.  


Andre is unstoppable, and few come close to level as a social media and PR juggernaut. Fans all over the world have fallen head over heels with his simple charm, and if the numbers are any indication, Andre Bellos definitely has everyone's attention online, too! This all means one thing, Bellos has unlocked the secret to social media marketing that so many brands are struggling to discover.  


You'll notice that he engages with his fans differently, depending on which social media platform he's on. Facebook has become his go-to promotions page. There he posts updates about his projects and shares original content including, articles, blogs, and posts. This star on the rise still manages to find time to retweet his followers, comment on their Instagram photos, and even repost their content. Andre Bellos goes the extra mile to show them that he really cares.


"My career goal on a superficial level would be to become a well respected actor in Hollywood. My true goal is to build homes, schools, and clinics in underprivileged areas. I want to be a voice for the voiceless. Anyone who feels under represented by society has a spot on my team. To bring about real world change is my true goal. Moving the needle for women, minorities, men and women with physical and/or mental disabilities, and the LGBTQ+ communities’ representation in Hollywood.  


My hope is that everyone celebrates a little more togetherness. In doing that, it becomes a direct correlation to me, because that is what I represent. We all come from one seed planted to birth humanity. Let’s live, laugh, and play more. Let’s fight, argue, and get angry less. The truth is no one knows what you’re capable of but you. Go after your dreams and never give up, you never know where you might end up. I’m living proof!"        


- Andre Bellos

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