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Andre Bellos is known for many different movie and TV roles including his best role as a humanitarian.  Dubbed Actorvist, charity is something that is especially important to Andre.  Growing up with middle class parents, his mother told him stories of growing up in El Salvador; he grew up with an attitude of gratitude. In-between shooting for sitcoms and filming Hollywood movies, Andre travels state to state volunteering at different non-for-profit organizations.

“My passion is helping others, I am not happy if I am not serving, which is why I’ve created my very own initiative called “Do the right thing.”

He has brought awareness to those less fortunate and made volunteering cool.

"It is all about doing the right thing, even when no one is looking.  Right now, there are a shortage of volunteers. We need your help!”

As Andre hits all 50 states, let’s make the pledge to join him on his journey. He soon will take his initiative abroad, establishing himself as a philanthropist and bringing the whole world together.

"Charity starts in your home. Be the change you want to see.  Let’s get out there and help one another!" #D. T. R. T.

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